Australian National University
Juris Doctor (J.D.)  


English | Mandarin 


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Carol Li

Legal Support

Carol joined Yingke in 2024, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of both Chinese and Australian legal systems. As a pivotal member of our team, Carol primarily assists Partners and Associates in organizing and managing files and documents, ensuring seamless legal operations.


Carol demonstrates a remarkable aptitude for researching complex legal matters, preparing meticulous legal documentation, and supporting case management. Her genuine passion for litigation, particularly in commercial cases, is evident in her keen interest and invaluable assistance in this area.

Carol’s expertise in commercial law and her experience in commercial matters directly apply to her work in Australia, particularly in supporting clients involved in international transactions or with business interests in China. Her ability to navigate the complexities of cross-border matters and her understanding of both legal systems provide significant advantages to our clients with international business concerns.

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